On average, out of 100 items we have in our closet, there are 22 items that we don’t use. An average woman has clothes worth a thousand dollars that are underused. There’s also a high possibility that you have clothes that you have never worn. Whether you want to remove a few things from your room to make it spacious or you want to make some money from the clothes you aren’t using, you can always sell your clothes online. It is straightforward.

Give yourself enough time

Sorting out clothes can be labor intensive, and you have to take time. You can give yourself 30-minute intervals to sort out the clothes. The process might take more than two days. You need to sort out your clothes when your brain is still fresh to avoid selling items that you might need in future.

Be prepared

Lay down all the clothes you don’t use and categorize them into the ones that you want to sell and the ones you want to donate. You may come across a torn dress. Put such dresses in an alterations pile because you will have to fix them before donating or selling.

Be honest with yourself

You will have items you don’t wear but still, need them in your closet. Perhaps you want to keep the memories of your best date when you wore that particular dress. The best thing to do is simply to get photos of that date and sell the clothes.

Be cautious of the season

Knits and coats sell better when fall is approaching. Jean shorts, headbands and crop tops sell better during the festive seasons. If you want your clothes to fetch you more money, sell them in the right season.

Check how similar items sell before listing yours

It is essential to have a good idea of how much money you can expect for your piece. If you don’t have an e-commerce website, you will be charged by online sites to sell on their platform. As a rule thumb, you should expect to get 50% of the sale price so you should consider this before listing your item.

The clothes should be clean

Make sure the clothes have no stains, alterations, holes and they are ironed accordingly and take photos. Always remember to list their precise descriptions. Package the clothes in a garment bag and present them like presents.

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